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Three Letters From Teddy



By Elizabeth Silance Ballard


Elizabeth's Three Letters From Teddy story has been translated into Chinese


Chinese Version


ISBN 978-986-189-178-1

Laminated hardback-38 pages-$25.14




Chinese publisher:

Grimm Press LTD

3F, No. 2, Sec. 2, Hsin-Sheng Sth. Rd.

Taipei, 10650




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Early Reviews of the Second Edition 


Three Letters From Teddy is a very satisfying collection of short stories.  Elizabeth Silance Ballard consistently displays just the right touch of empathy whether she writes a warm and fuzzy story or one that deals with deepest despair.


This collection can be read solely as entertainment, but it is worthy of so much more.  This book could easily be classified as an excellent teaching aid.  Each account has strong moral principles and reminders that one never knows for sure just who your words and actions are going to affect.  Ballard has not been afraid to tackle such tough issues as child beating, incest, and suicide.  She points out that people who do not fit in may not be socially challenged; they just might be struggling with problems too big for them to handle.  The author handles all of this with straight-forwardness, compassion and without sermonizing.


Three Letters From Teddy is an excellent example of how the human spirit triumphs over obstacles, and how one caring person can make the difference between success and failure.


Judy Jacobs 

November 10, 2006


"The stories are...timeless. They touch the heart and make one think. The stories are beautifully written. It seems to me, that there is too much truth in some of the stories for her not to have experienced the pain described. Heart wrenchingly beautiful.  You feel pain and sadness but at the same time you understand forgiveness and truth and are left with a feeling of peace when you come to the end. Everyone who reads the book will be able to identify with it, each differently based on what they've experienced. It's a book you can read again and again. I loved the book and will recommend it to my friends!!!!"

Lona Lockhart






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