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Challenges on the Home Front-World War II


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By The Chapel Hill Writer's Discussion Group


Edited by Peggy Lovelace Ellis


Sybil Austin Skakle





ISBN 1-880849-80-1


Paperback-291 pages- $16.00


In Challenges on the Home Front, the members of the Chapel Hill Writers Discussion Group and their friends share stories of their lives during the war years. These stories take place not only within the United States, but also in Antigua in the West Indies, in London during the blitz, in the evacuated areas of England, in Wales and Finland. They share their stories of the challenges they met and conquered as they dealt with the war in their individual ways



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The Chapel Hill Writers Discussion group was founded in 1991. This is the third collection of their works. Echoes was published in 1997 and  A Generation Speak: Voices of the Great Depression was published in 2000. They meet in the Chapel Hill Senior Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina every first and third Tuesday at 2:00 p.m.