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Uprooted Yet Undaunted

                  By Mohinder Gill, M.F.A.,Ed.D


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The autobiography of Mohinder Singh Gill, M.F.A., Ed.D. He was born at Badala in Punjab State, India and lived through the partition of India and Pakistan. Then he moved to the United States where he became a distinguished educator and artist. He does not intend to teach or to preach, but hopes the reader finds something beneficial or amusing in his history. In writing his memoirs now, does not imply that his life is over.  He is still looking forward to painting his masterpiece and sipping the nectar of Life!  His life has been a lifelong search for the Beautiful Truth.

 Color Paperback-120 pages-$25.00(US)

ISBN 978-1-938527-19-7

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Color Laminated Hardback-120 pages-$55.00(US)

ISBN 978-1-938527-20-3


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