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  Maggie of Crosswell




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On June 30, 1965, at eleven in the morning, Margaret Saville Monahan, age ten, arrived at eleven in the morning accompanied by Rose Cherney, one of the county’s social workers. Rose Cherney rang the doorbell of Crosswell, Maggie’s hand held firmly in hers. Miss Cooper answered the door. “I’ve brought one of the Monahan children,” she said. This is the way Maggie’s life as an orphan began.

Opal Snyder's outspoken and eclectic writing career includes journalism, poetry, plays, essays, and fiction. While a homemaker in Newton, Iowa, Opal published, for about 30 years, the Jasper County Free Press, a newsletter covering local government. The newsletter was registered in the Iowa Secretary of State's office and was underwritten by donation only. Published in Challenges on the Home Front: World War II. Opal's work has also appeared in Lest the Colors Fade and A Beautiful Life and Other Stories

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