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            Life in Moccasin Gap                   

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By Brad Carver


 ISBN 978-1-938527-13-5

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My friend, Brad Carver, loved the city of his birth. He loved the people, he loved the place, his family, and most especially, he loved his children. He liked to make people laugh and making people laugh was his occupation. He wrote a monthly column for Righter Monthly Review. He always ended his with a quip. Here are my favorites. “Keep smiling–if you have teeth,” “We like life the way it is ‘round heah,” “It’s your life and it’s your money,” “If you can’t find us, you don’t need to be here.” He ended his piece about an organ playing ghost like this, “I do believe in ghosts now and that organ player was pretty good for a spook.” “And always remember, alcohol and fireworks don’t go together.” “Kids today could use some of that Mama Love. That’s the only kind we have here in Moccasin Gap. Come see us sometime – and bring your mama.” “Life is good from the Back Porch of Moccasin Gap.” “Life is fine in Moccasin Gap,” and the one he used the most, “Have a good day until next time and ya’ll come back now, you hear?” We miss you Brad.


Gene Alston

February 25, 2013