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Noah's Farm

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By E. B. Alston

Illustrated by Mary Noble Jones


Little Noah lives on a farm with his mama, his daddy and a host of farm animal friends


ISBN 978-1-533593-96-2

Color Paperback-28 pages-$15.00


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Country boy, Noah, tells us how much fun it is to live on a farm with his mama, daddy, his dog named Peanut and cat named Smoke-Smoke. Then there are the horses, Tom and Mack, two pigs named Grunt and Oink, two cows named Brownie and Blackie and Blackie’s calf named Bootie. Then there are the hens. His favorite is named Penny and a rooster named Colonel Doodle Doo. Every morning at sunrise, Colonel Doodle Doo wakes everybody up by crowing, “Cock-a Doodle Do” as loud as he possibly can.






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