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The Cripple Goat

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ISBN 978-1-938527-34-0

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About the Book

Cale Haines returned from the war in Southeast Asia with a problem and a secret. He needs to confess what he has done but to do so means going back in memory to the darkest moment in his life.

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About the Author

After Michael Warren grew up in South Carolina, he moved to North Carolina, where he writes literary fiction and zealously pursues the elusive mountain trout.



 Reviewer's Comments

In The Estrangement of the Rain God, Michael Warren shows, with enviable skill, the structure of a close-knit and happy family. Then with the aid of subtle clues, hints and suggestions, we feel the foundations of his paradise are starting to crack and the light of love dims. In Warren’s carefully built up tension and conflict the drama builds like an approaching thundercloud. I believe this book will find a wide and avid reading audience.

 –Fred Chappell, novelist and former Poet Laureate of North Carolina.