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Three Rivers to Cross




By Elizabeth Silance Ballard

ISBN 978-0-9706023-8-3

Paperback-248 pages-$25.00


  Elizabeth's newest book.

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This is the life story of Charlotte Anne Gurganus, a down east North Carolina girl, who grew up on Rattlesnake Island where there were no neighbors, friends or other children. She found life very different on the other side of the river when she entered first grade and spent the next 12 years in a struggle to reconcile herself and her very different family to the lives she encountered in the town of Meadow View. Finally leaving both the island and the town behind, vowing she would never go back there to live, she began to make a different life for herself,   a life with love and normalcy. Then tragedy came and she returned to   the town she hated. Reconciled to the path she seemed destined to walk, she forged a life that seemed honorable and sustainable, a life that brought love to her, at last, from a most surprising source.





This is Elizabeth Silance Ballard's finest work. A beautifully told story of perseverance. The characters are memorable—some good, some bad—but real life characters like people you already know.

E.B. Alston, author of The Kingdom of America and Time Traveler.


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