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        Where the Butterflies Roam

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By Ariana Mangum



ISBN 978-1-934936-50-4

Paperback-172 pages-$15.00


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Ariana Mangum has resurrected the teaching of English fundamentals to children, young and old, in a most appealing book. Using methods she learned over many years of teaching English to the disadvantaged in both the United States and Ireland she has complied a collection of poems and stories guaranteed to delight both young and old.




This very clever book is designed to teach children, young and old, English. It can also be used for children who are experiencing problems with reading and writing. English is a difficult language to learn because it is made up of many languages with borrowings from French, Latin, Greek, East Indian, Spanish and Italian.  Tenses are different from the Romance languages, and its spellings are crazy.  In the late 19th or early 20th century, Congress passed an act to make spelling simple.  This only led to confusion.  “Traveller” is a case in point.  It is “Traveler” in American English and “Traveller” in British English.  Equally confusing are the “our” words.  Oduor, honour, colour in British English become odor, honor and color in American English.  Nothing is fixed or logical in English grammar. Using what she learned over sixty years of teaching English, Ariana Mangum has written a highly original work that makes learning about our language fun.