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    Blood Darters



By Janice Walters Rawlins

ISBN 978-1-934936-55-6


Halloween is coming to get you!!!!!!!!


Paperback-256 pages-$20.00

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a runaway wife with three children.

an affable Kentucky hick named Ted Truman

A creepy old haunted mansion with creaky doors and strange sounds in the night.

What you get is a thrill a minute in this unique horror story.

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Just in time for Halloween

Review by Jessica Feltner


Ellen Garvin epitomized the plight of the everyday single mother: fresh from a toxic marriage, trying to raise her children the best she could, and ultimately desiring a do-over in the form of a fresh new start in a new town. 

How serendipitous that this fresh new start simply fell in her lap. First, by being befriended by a friendly mechanic with more secrets than he owned socket wrenches.  Next, an invitation to stay in a sprawling country home free of rent until she got back on her feet.  Alas, all things come with a price. The beautiful country home that had lovingly taken them in had actually wanted something in return: dreams, imagination, souls. None of which Ellen was willing to let go of, at any cost. 

Even if it meant disrupting the one hundred year rivalry of two undead brothers, lying dormant in the basement. Waiting to finally avenge their destinies, one Good and one Evil, Rawlings places the reader in a middle of a feud that is boiling to blood-letting proportions.  Will the house claim all of the souls of its current inhabitants?  Will Ellen muster the last bit of energy the House hasn't depleted of her in order to reclaim her family and get out alive?   Or will the blood darters continue their century long reign over the house on Heart Stone Road?