David McGregor's Diary

By Ian Fletcher

ISBN 978-0-9747735-4-4

Paperback-164 pages-$10.49 plus shipping

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A writer buys an old executive desk for his office. While sorting through its contents, he finds a diary written forty years ago by a man who had a torrid affair with a woman who was his wife’s best friend. This journal provides a candid and touching window into one family’s life almost two generations ago. The reader will be intrigued by this captivating and erotic account of a most passionate love affair and its unexpected finale.  




The book had an interesting premise of having come from a diary. Though I don’t like labeling a book, I would definitely call this a “men’s fantasy”. The characters were interesting and colorful. Certainly, the main idea is something I’m sure many men have fantasized about. The writing is crisp and made the book easy to read. The dialog is natural sounding and moved the plot along. There were some interesting settings. The sex scenes were written in such a way as to be vivid and believable in context with the story.

Writer’s Digest, December 2005


Imagine you purchased an old desk, and while cleaning it out, you discovered a diary 40 years old on faded and mottled paper about a torrid love affair spelled out in graphic, almost clinical, detail.

David McGregor’s liaison takes place over two years, and during that time we come to know intimately David, his wife Jackie, and their best friend Marie.  We learn about the ruling passions of all these individuals and the extra-ordinary way they solve their dilemma.

David McGregor would be the envy of every man who has ever lived.  He has the undivided attention of two blindingly beautiful women.  Plus he has the mental agility to hold a good job, keep his wife from learning about his lover, and be nonchalant enough that the entire town does not start talking about him.

Not only is David McGregor one of a kind, but the women in his life are equally unique.  Besides being physically attractive, they share the qualities of a passionate nature and forgiving attitudes. 

All good things must come to an end. Secrets become known and the scene when Jackie discovers what is going on is tense to say the least. How they solve this dilemma will surprise the most flexible-minded reader.

David McGregor’s Diary a beguiling spiel.


Judy Jacobs 

December 27, 2005


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