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 And Deliver Us From Evil   
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ISBN 09747735-2-2

 Paperback-264 pages- $12.99 (US)


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This is the sequel to Those Whom the Gods Love which is set in 1968. Bill Davis is called back to duty to deal with a vicious drug gang operating in Jacksonville and Onslow County, North Carolina. Four SBI undercover agents have disappeared week after arriving in Onslow County and the SBI Director is mad. He sends Bill in with orders to “deal with it” in an eye for an eye manner and for those who read Those Whom the Gods Love, Bill Davis is just the man for this kind of activity. In this story he has two partners, Bear, his Chesapeake Bay retriever and Sandy Myers who the Director assigns to be his partner against Bill's wishes. Sandy has her own axe to grind because the four agents who disappeared were her friends. You will feel the tension as these two outnumbered agents fight the drug gang in a ferocious final reckoning. Set in Onslow County and other colorful eastern North Carolina locations.



 "Deliver Us From Evil is the sequel to Those Whom The Gods Love.  In Bill Davis’ return appearance, we have the same loveable, considerate man we met earlier, but the lessons he learned in the first book have made him harder, deliberate, more ruthless. This assignment has Bill Davis tracking down a drug gang.  Against his wishes, he is assigned a woman partner.  These two and a Chesapeake Bay retriever named Bear form an excellent team.  Retaliation against the drug dealers is immediate, unerring, and deadly. The skills Bill learned in Vietnam are honed again as he sets up a series of ambushes.  His ability to think on his feet is demonstrated by his capacity to anticipate the enemy’s next move and stay one step ahead of them.  Keeping out of sight of the local law enforcement officers while performing these nefarious deeds is also quite challenging. All of Bill’s qualities and expertise are needed at the climax.  A miscalculation lands the trio in hot water.  Quick thinking and teamwork are called for in a battle reminiscent of the days of the early American western frontier. This is a swift moving, hard edged, straight forward, no nonsense story.  The hero has all of the qualities that legends are made of, yet he retains his warmth and approachability.  Here’s hoping we meet Bill Davis again in the future."

Judy Jacobs, St. Joseph  MO.  September 24, 2005

From the Writer's Digest 

And Deliver Us From Evil is an exciting thriller with all the necessary components. Bill Davis is an intelligent and brave hero who tracks down the bad guys. The rest of the cast are interesting, three dimensional and well drawn. The settings are unique and described so that the reader can easily picture them while reading. The dialog is realistic and moves the plot along. There is plenty of action and a bit of romance, and a dog that will capture the reader’s heart. Writer’s Digest December 2006