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The Emerald Necklace and Other Stories



Sixteen unique and divinely original Southern stories

By E. B. Alston


Paperback: ISBN 0-9747735-5-7

 208 Pages

Paperback: $10.99  


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Several of the stories stand out, including the amusing Fargo Finnegan, Rainbow’s End (Great last line!), and The Chase. In the longer pieces such as The Chase and Ghost Story, the characters are dynamic. Some of the humor is pretty funny, and the serious pieces contain a good deal of insight. The writing is professional, clear, and concise. The author’s voice is memorable and fun. Overall, it’s a good solid collection.” Writer’s Digest Book Awards, April 15, 2005.



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There is no better example of the eclectic style of E. B. Alston than this collection of short stories.

This collection encompasses a wide expanse of genres, drama, romance, thriller and science fiction. Every theme of mainstream literature is explored, pride, love, lust, greed and loss, in the stories that range from thoughtful and heart warming to downright comical and zany.

E. B. Alston's cast of characters embody every person you have ever encountered, from that first girl you ever loved to the strange man you could never figure out sitting at the end of the bar. His characters will inspire your love and your hate as he draws you into their lives and shows you a glimpse of the myriad of personalities that surround us in our daily lives.

Shannon Haire

Staff Writer

The Caswell Messenger


 I really enjoyed your book of stories!  I read the Ghost Story first and recognized all the familiar Essex homeplace references.  I think I would have recognized them even if  you had not pointed out that I would do so when I read that story. Brought back memories of putting in tobacco, picking cotton, etc. at your house and Aunt Ruby's good cooking!! 

I also liked The Chase; I am a fan of  spell-binding mysteries and I was unable to put the book down!



Joe said to tell you what he's read so far in The Emerald Necklace was awesome.  He loved your writing style and really liked the introductions, etc.



From ST:

What a nice book.  I read the book last night, and thought it was great!  I was on the edge of my bed until I finished it.  I'm really impressed, and I hope it sells a million.  What a nice job. 


"Many stories today are so predictable that you know how they will end after reading the first paragraph. Not so for Alston's stories. You never know where these stories will take you and there are many surprises before you reach the end. And you won't know how it will end until the last sentence."