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   Family Meals and Desserts



By P. L. Almanza

ISBN 978-1-938527-30-2


Recipes from the kitchens of Ellen Grace, Margaret and me


Paperback-60 pages- Color - $21.00

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When my Mama and Grandma were growing up times were hard and they made good use of every available edible item in the kitchen. Their recipes have survived the test of time. Now that they are gone, I want their recipes to live on as a testament to their dedication to cooking the best meals and deserts for their families and friends! 

These are simple recipes that are so good and delicious that you will want to use them for your family meals and special occasions. Please share and enjoy them all!

We have added spaces for notes. When you love to cook, like I do, it's a handy way to list changes that you might have added to the recipes to suit your tastes.


P. L. Almanza

July 14, 2015


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