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A Full Life

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By Charles Reed





ISBN 978-1-934936-25-2


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Charles Reed had enough life experiences for two men, with an exciting career, the heartbreak of a failed marriage and, after bouts with multiple sclerosis and alcoholism; he triumphed over the slings and arrows of adversity.


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An Early Review

A Full Life, by Charles L. Reed, published by Righter Publishing Company, Inc., April 2009, is a memoir told in limited third person. We have only the writerís viewpoint and opinion of what happened in his life and the lives of those of whom he writes. While it reads better as limited third person, than it would have as a first person memoir, the reader will wonder about the emotions of others in his story during the events that he recounts.


While there is a story of lost love, that is not the main thrust of the story. The story is an account of one manís life and accomplishments, which included uranium mining and oceanography. Charles is obviously an intelligent and talented man, who never loses confidence in his ability to move forward and overcome the challenges of his life, which are daunting. This reader admired this trait in the main character of the story, while marveling at other aspects that his narrative that revealed his lack of awareness of the thoughts and feelings of others.


The story moved quickly from one phase to the next, with diversions along the way, The diversions kept the reader turning the pages to see what was going to happen to the main character, the daughter and the wife, who initiated divorce. There were surprises. Divorce was not the end of the story for Charles. He writes of taking up a new life and begins to seek new challenges and careers.



Reviewed by Sybil Austin Skakle

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