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        God's Eternal Purpose for Mankind


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By Bertha Barnette



ISBN 978-0-9796209-9-7

Paperback-152 pages-$18.95



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It was with much excitement that I wrote this book. One of the main reasons I believe it is necessary that this piece of literature be written is that so many of us have little insight as to what our purpose is on this earth.  It is because of this that we donít get the fulfillment we look for in life. Too often we miss out on Godís purpose for allowing us to be born and spend a lifetime struggling and dissatisfied with who we are and our lack of accomplishment. In my own life it has been one struggle after another with no real purpose. But we must understand that behind every struggle there is a one. God has graced me with the ability to take the struggles of my life and put them into perspective.

You too can find solace in knowing that God has a divine purpose for your life, and when you draw nigh unto him, he will reveal his plan to you. It doesnít matter what your present situation is, he is fully capable of finishing the good work which he has begun in you.


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