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             Going Strong




Gussy's last memoir in prose and poetry


By Gussy Knott


ISBN 978-1-934936-57-3


Paperback-184 pages-$15.00



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In her last book before passing on the her reward, Gussy Knott continued the saga of her life in poetry as she recalls her day-by-day challenges in exercise class, with family and friends and her devotion to her faith in God. Her personal crisis has bound them all closer and keeps her strong for the days and challenges to come.




















            On October 11, 2009 my seventy-fifth birthday was celebrated at North Roxboro Baptist Church in the Fellowship Hall with plenty of family, friends, well-wishers and gifts. The celebration was planned and given by my daughter, Karla, and daughter-in-law, Wendy. They did a wonderful job, the cake was beautiful, the hall was tastefully and appropriately decorated, and the refreshments were “refreshing” and “sparsely” served. Karla and Wendy were not expecting so many guests; but with Faye Buchanan’s expert help, everything worked out well! As for me, I had a “blast”! There I was the center of attention and playing my part as “Birthday Girl” to the limit! I found only one thing my hostesses overlooked. I had asked for pictures to be made for “precious memories.” They took pictures of everyone (some twice) and not a single one of me!

            Well, so much for stardom!

            I am still active in my church; singing with The Melody Makers, going out of town with The Joy Group, praying each month with The Prayer Circle and am Prayer Warrior for The WOM. God’s blessings are still flowing over me!

            My poems tell of His first place in my life; my family and friends next, and the down-right joy of being alive and living with so much love and happiness around me!

            Suddenly, on March 8, 2010, my “bubble of joy” burst! I was rushed to the emergency room of the hospital with terrible chest pains. After the usual treatment of taking blood pressure, temperature, “probes and pokes”, needles, X-rays and a MRI in those well-known “open down the back” gowns, I was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. God was with me when the doctor, who is also a Christian, (I asked him) gave me the news and He is still with me! God is wonderful! My family and friends are “Giving Me the Roses While I Live” (a poem from a former book) and I cherish each day as it comes and goes! My cup is overflowing and the following poems are a statement to the fact I am “Going Strong”!


Spreading Cancer and the Good News


This cancer of mine has begun to spread,

Sooner or later I’ll wind up dead,

Safe in the arms of the Lord am I,

I shall do some more living before I die!

Jesus died so I forever will live

Loving Him with all the love I can give.

I will spread The Good News for Him to those I meet;

Turn away from Satan when he puts on the heat!

I will be cheerful and thank the Lord above,

He gave His Son to die for me out of love.

Lord, give me strength and courage in the days to come,

That I might live the Christian life and

Thy Will will be done!


Gustavia G. Knott, April 21, 2010