Hammer Spade-Book Six

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Hammer, Jack Kane and Dave Quigley are hired by the British MI6 to locate a missing British agent.


By E. B. Alston


ISBN 978-1-934936-18-4

252 pages $18.00


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Her name was Margot Fisher, or more accurately, Lady Margot Fisher, daughter of Lord and Lady Bernard Fisher. She was a beautiful woman—a world traveler, linguist and socialite—always invited to the right parties and occasions. Her ancestor came to England in 1066 with William the Conqueror. Members of her family have served their country with dignity and courage in desperate and glorious times. She climbed mountains as a pastime and studied the ancient cultures. Her codename in the British Secret Service was Longshooter.


Reviewed by Rina Hutchinson


Once again, E. B. Alston has woven a tapestry of characters, events, history and geography that catches and holds the reader from start to finish.  As Hammer, Jack and Dave embark on a journey to locate Lady Margot Fisher, the local color of South America comes to life and real-world issues are revealed in a more personal light.  The state of the world adds tension and intrigue while giving the reader the information to quietly cheer Margot on and hope she is able to finish her personal mission to eradicate evil from the world after it has touched her in her own home.   

Lady Margot Fisher is a strong, educated, skilled and determined woman who is dealing with the loss of her family to violence which was intended for her.  In dealing with her grief she has done the world a favor and has gone on a stealth mission to seek and destroy those connected with the brutal murders of her parents and others in her home.  She is elusive and skilled, staying ahead of those looking for her, until she meets Hammer. 

The series of events that touch Jack, Dave and Hammer are staggered in a way that allows the reader to travel with each of them and brings a deeper, more personal connection to each one, as well as create a picture of Lady Fisher from the many people they talk to.  All of this comes together to give the reader a portrait of her that makes her as tangible as the regular characters of the Hammer Spade series. 

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the story is the way Margot is able to reconcile her faith with the real world even when dealing with the grief and pain she has endured.  Her conversations with Hammer are enlightening and give the reader something to think about. 

In the end, the reader is left with a yearning to see what happens to Jack and how Hammer deals with the events he was witness to, while cheering Dave for a deed well done.  This story makes the reader anxious to find out what happens next in this intriguing series. The seventh book could not be written fast enough for this reviewer, and fan.