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Hammer Spade
Book Three

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Hammer and his friends Jack Kane and Dave Quigley take on a violent drug smuggling gang.


By E. B. Alston


ISBN 978-0-9778948-8-8

Second Edition

172 pages $15.00


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In this, the third novel in the Hammer Spade Series, Spade is asked to join a law enforcement operation against a large drug organization that hopes to set up headquarters on the North Carolina coast.  The money is good, but the mission is extremely dangerous–Spade and his crew are to hunt down and kill members of an international criminal organization who murdered six federal agents and a high-ranking DEA official just outside Bath, North Carolina. It’s meant to be a long-term assignment because the DEA wants to lull the organization’s kingpin into thinking that the locals are too dumb and inattentive to know what he’s up to.  Once the new organization is established–and they’ve knocked out all the local dealers–Spade and his crew will make their move.  But there are complications–an attractive DEA agent who may have a personal motive for the killings and the need to make Mr. Big’s death look as though it was something other than a government hit-job.  This is not an easy assignment.


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Critic's Review


Hammer assembles a crew and turns a diverse group of people into a well functioning unit.  Then he commences to wage war on the drug dealers.  Ham is not one to turn down help.  It does not matter if assistance is offered from a mechanic, a metallurgist, or the drug dealer’s mistress.  The aid is cheerfully accepted and put to good use.  

Hammer Spade, a private detective, is a man who prefers to keep a low profile.  However, his success in the previous episode, “Hammer Spade and the Diamond Smugglers,’ has brought him to the attention of the United States government.  He is asked to “eliminate” a drug cartel leader.

Readers will enjoy the fast paced action as Mr. Spade and crew draw their task to a successful conclusion. Equally enjoyable is author E. B. Alston’s description of the swamps, canals, rivers and sounds of North Carolina’s coast. 

As the Hammer Spade series evolves, the characters are maturing and gaining depth.  Each episode is a stand alone novel, but the series builds upon itself quite nicely.  One can eagerly anticipate the next adventure of Hammer Spade.

Judy Jacobs, Editor and Critic 

St. Joseph  MO.

May 13, 2007




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