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By Steven Kornegay

Paperback-264 pages- $14.99


ISBN 0-9766032-1-7 


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Want to stroll through Paris in the springtime? Have fun with your friends in a “real” make believe world? Charlie believes its possible using Virtual Reality as the technology and immersion as the key.

Charlie and his friends gain access to a virtual world that can become whatever they want. They may choose between exotic cities, visit the past, the future and meet new friends in a world beyond reality.

Should they? Suppose they did and wished they hadn’t. Opened Pandora’s box so to speak. Might it become the ultimate nightmare from which they can never escape?

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What the critics say:

Question:  What do you get when you mix together hypnotic suggestions, high technological equipment and computer gaming buffs?  Answer:  A darn good science fiction book.


Charlie and his friends have discovered a way to experience virtual reality using today’s computer technology.  However, just experiencing a virtual reality world is not enough.  Soon the boys are looking for ways to “punch” up the excitement.  So they enter a world called Blood Marshes.  Unbeknown to the boys, someone else’s hands are on the controls.  The resulting experience combines the very best elements of Lord of the Rings and Star Trek.


Futuristic computer equipment, an intriguing computer gaming plot, and quick thinking voyagers make this book a page turner you will not want to put down.  Pondering the feasibility and the moral implications of the various situations as they arise is just as enjoyable as the adventure itself. 


Judy Jacobs

St. Joseph, MO. 

December 31, 2006



Reviews and Reader Comments

"You don't have to be a Sci-fi/fantasy fan to enjoy this book.  Immersion grabbed my attention from the start.  I found it hard to put down. 
Suspenseful and entertaining, an excellent read.  I really like the author's smooth flowing writing style.  This book is definitely worth
your time.  I am looking forward to more from this guy."
Vicki Cothran