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Thrillers, detective stories, short story collections, children’s books, inspirational works, poetry collections, family histories, science fiction, romance, literary fiction, local histories, personal memoirs and self-help.  


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Almanza, P. L.

Alston, Barbara P.

Alston, E. B.

Alston, Laura A.

Bagley, Edwin

Ballard, Elizabeth Silance

Barnette, Bertha

Batson, Nellie Mae

Berman, Rita

Bittle, Randy

Brown, Craig B.

Browning, Sylvia

Brown, Joseph E.

Carver, Brad

Chambers, David

Corey, Hilda Silance

Cowen, Dan

Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools

Di Bona, Joseph

Fletcher, Ian

Gattis, Christopher Deon

Gill, Mohinder

Glasgow, Leatha Alston

Hicks, Jim

Hutchinson, Amanda

Jones, Mary Noble

Jones, Willie Mae

Key, Danny

Kornegay, Steven

Knott, Gussy

Knowles, Lance

Legun, Don

Little, Michael C.

Mangum, Ariana

Marro, Joseph A.

McConnell, Grayland

Patten, Norman Stuart

Pierce, George W.

Rawlins, Janice Walters

Rea, Lee W.

Reed, Charles

Robertson, Kenneth G.

Russell, Rollin

Shaw, Minerva P.

Schiller, Bennett J

Skakle, Sybil Austin

Snyder, Opal M.

Surratt, Jerry

The Writer's Discussion Group

Warsaw North Carolina Historical Society

Warren, Michael

Watkins, Lucy Rodgers

Whealton, Tim

Wilkerson, Patrice D.

Williams, Kent

Wittig, Timothy

Wright, Rev. George F.