Itsy Rabbit and Her Friends


By Mary Noble Jones

Illustrated by the Author


A heart-warming story of a rabbit family in the southern forest. Itsy was the littlest rabbit and she and her woodland friends must be alert to the dangers of the forest.


Color Children's Book  

ISBN 978-0-9796209-8-0

Paperback-28 pages-$15.00


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Little Itsy Rabbit learns that the forest is a dangerous place. Her Brother, Wiggles, learns a lesson in helping and sharing.





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 Welcome to the adventures of Itsy and Friends.


In this book and the next eleven books you will enjoy the lives and share adventures with these precious little woodland creatures as their stories unfold.


We begin our journey with Itsy Rabbit on her first adventure. She is very young as she explores her world. In this story she meets danger for the first time and she must depend on family and forest friends to see her through safely


Be sure to watch for future episodes as Itsy grows up in her forest world full of exciting adventures for a little bunny rabbit. This is only the beginning.


Mary Noble Jones

December 3, 2007