Itsy Rabbit and Her Friends

Chippy Tells His Sad  Story




By Mary Noble Jones

Illustrated by the Author


Color book for ages 2-6


ISBN 978-1-934936-11-5

Paperback-36 pages-$15.00




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Welcome to the adventures of Itsy and Friends.


You met Itsy in her first adventure where her brother, Wiggles, learned two valuable lessons. In this

book and the next ten books you will enjoy the lives and share adventures with these darling

little woodland creatures as their stories unfold.


We continued our journey with Itsy Rabbit on her third story about how she met a new friend

in the forest.

In this story Itsy's new friend, Chippy tells Itsy why he is always so sad.    

Future episodes will follow Itsy as she grows up in her forest world full of exciting adventures

for a little bunny rabbit.


Mary Noble Jones