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Itsy Rabbit and Three Stars at Christmas




By Mary Noble Jones

Illustrated by the Author


 Color Book


ISBN 978-1-934936-19-1

Paperback-36 pages-$15.00


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Welcome to another Itsy and Friends Adventure.


When Itsy had her first adventure where her brother, Wiggles, learned two valuable lessons, she was a tiny little bunny. In the next books she share adventures with the little woodland creatures of the forest.

 Over the years, Itsy remained the tiniest rabbit in the meadow. Of course there was Chippy and Chatter, who were smaller.  But they were chipmunks and chipmunks are supposed to be little.  But rabbits? Mama Tilly  promised Itsy that someday she’d grow up.  Yet, as the seasons came and went, Itsy sthought of herself as small. In this story, Itsy realizes that she is growing and will soon be an adult bunny.


Mary Noble Jones