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      Language, Truth and Logos

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Edited by Edwin Bagley

Softcover Edition

ISBN 978-1-934936-92-4

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Keepsake Edition

\ISBN 978-1-934936-96-2

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This book celebrates Dr. G. Byrns Coleman’s lengthy career teaching Bible courses at Wingate University. His vibrant presence on this faculty sustained the collegial atmosphere and his career stands astride several significant “boundary lines”: He arrived at Wingate Junior College with his college and seminary degrees, and when Wingate moved to become a four-year college, Byrns went back to school for his Ph.D.—to Vanderbilt University, one of the most respected universities in the nation, where he studied with the famous New Testament scholar Leander Keck, who eventually became the Dean of the Yale University Divinity School. I am proud of Wingate for cultivating that kind of personal growth and impressed that young Byrns Coleman, with wife and children, launched out on such a remarkable adventure. If there is an overarching theme in all of this, it is constant generosity with time, attention and all that he has. Our hearts are filled with gratitude, our spirits celebrate, and our hopes for the future of Wingate University students rest largely in the knowledge that no other person has prepared this university to thrive in the 21st century.

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