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The Last Chance Bar and Grill 




By E. B. Alston

A  man mysteriously arrives at the gate to Heaven early

ISBN 0-9766032-7-6


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   A well-told story, a fascinating subject, vignettes very readable with obvious but worthwhile reminder messages. Inspirational indeed but it is also entertaining. Ending appropriate and effective. Writer’s Digest


Never judge a book by its cover.  This statement was verbalized for this book.  First, it is not your ordinary work of fiction.  Second, it has very little to do with the normal activities of a bar.

E. B. Alston sets forth the idea that when we die we will not be plunged from one lifestyle directly into a completely different existence.  Rather, we will need time to make adjustments to a new environment.  We will also need assistance in setting aside our earthly grievances before we achieve heavenly bliss.  Mr. Alston chose a bar as the setting for these transitions to take place, and the help-mates in this task are people known to us in our mortal lifetime.

The individual characters in this story are unimportant.  Rather it is their attitudes, expectations, and requirements that keep you riveted.  Each newcomer to the bar has a different problem to deal with and each help-mate has a solution that is, at the same time, simple and extremely complex.  These solutions are the core of the book and they will query your theological concepts.

For every book you read you bring into that reading your perspectives based on your own life experiences and frame of mind at the time.  This book will stand many readings because some phrase you skipped over the first time will knock you off your heels the next time you come across it.  Each reading will test your moral attitude, or be a source of comfort.  This work is also a reminder that the road to heaven requires our constant attention lest we wind up in the abyss.


Judy Jacobs-Literary Critic, St. Joseph, Missouri-January 15, 2006 


Reader comments

"This story is a no-nonsense theological and philosophical treatise about how to prepare your soul for entry into Heaven." Shannon White-Editor, The Caswell Messenger


"Hi!  Well, I read both books last night. The LCB&G was really a great read. You do have so much "truth" in the book. One thing that really touched my heart is how I understood forgiveness." Lona Lockhart 12-21-2005


"This is the book for all time; for anyone to read so that they may better understand their role in the salvation of the world."  Sincerely, Sherrie T. McDonald


Available in the United Kingdom through Bertram Books