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                  by Nellie Mae Batson


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 A girl comes of age in a small, seaside community close to Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base during the early days of World War II. In spite of warnings from her father, she falls in love with a handsome, young Marine. Then he goes off to war and leaves her behind and pregnant. Her father intercepts her lover's letters from the front and she doesn't hear from him. She bears their son and raises him alone. She becomes a successful businesswoman but she never forgets the love she shared with her son's father. Filled with many twists and turns and told in the down east, North Carolina, dialect, this is a story of faith and love and determination. Does she ever find her Marine? Read it and find out for yourself.


ISBN 978-1-934936-01-6


Paperback-352 pages-$19.95


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Reviewed by Elizabeth Silance Ballard


            This is a “Can’t put it down” book. Once I began the story of Lossie, I resented any interruptions and regretted every previous commitment I had made which took my eyes away from the pages.

            From the moment Raymond Kearne walks into the life of Lossie Padgett we are caught up in her life as well.  This story flows easily as the author skillfully weaves the tale of love, loss, betrayal, achievement and happiness.

            This is not just a romantic love story but is also a story of filial love, the love of a parent for a child and shows us how misguided, and even selfish, that love can be with far-reaching, lifelong damage and heartache. We are also shown the opposite of that kind of love: The love of a parent willing to sacrifice and endure anything to keep her child and ultimately allow him to become all he can become.

            Lossie is a story about agape love, that strong bond of love which can exist between those not related by blood but rather are brought together in mutual caring and sharing of their lives. Without the love of such friends and “adopted” family, Lossie might not have become the successful person she was.

            Lossie’s mother died when she was a child and when the love of her life, Raymond, is transferred with the military she loses him, too. By the time she knows for certain that she is pregnant with his child, she has no way of contacting him for she has not received even a single letter from him. It would be many years before Lossie would learn why.

            She was determined not to lose their son and vowed to face whatever might come of the decision to keep her baby as a single parent, unheard of in the 1940s.  Indeed, it was considered shameful and people could be cruel and unforgiving.

             This is a story of betrayal.  Betrayed by her father.  Betrayed by a woman she had considered her best friend since childhood.  It is a story about overcoming, achieving and finding happiness while never giving up the hope that her beloved Raymond would come back to her and meet the son he didn’t even know existed.

            Lossie is the story of how good life can be despite the bad times if one has a kind heart.   Lossie’s life is a life of giving, a life of sharing, a life of loving.

            Nellie Mae Batson is an excellent storyteller and this book will leave you smiling.