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The Last Voyage of the Dan-D

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By E. B. Alston

Illustrated by Toni Garrett


A hilarious children's story set on Topsail Island, North Carolina


ISBN 0-9747735-0-6

Paperback-56 pages-$6.99


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“This story has a nice voice and a simple, kid-friendly tone. It’s also a very funny story, with a wickedly wacky, but oddly logical humor. Captain Dan’s stories, his many names, and Alex’s reactions to it all are hilarious; Alex and Captain Dan are distinctive, highly original characters who should enthrall kid readers. The silliness should enthrall kids. The mysterious ending is a neat twist. The humor makes this story especially nice for being read aloud.”   Writer’s Digest, April 5, 2005




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This Book is available in the United Kingdom through Bertram Books




“The Last Voyage of the Dan-D” is a masterful look inside the mind of a nine year old boy. The story takes Alex out to sea on a magical journey on Captain Dan’s creaky old boat, the Dan-D. Dialog between the two is lively, witty, whimsical, and comical to the point of hilarity at times. They experience unexpected situations where the two of them work to extricate themselves from all the difficulties they encounter including getting lost and discovering a new island off the North Carolina coast. And when they finally return to Topsail Island, the mystery has only begun!

From the Roxboro Courier-Times by Phyllis Boatwright:

"Nine-year-old Alex, on vacation with his grandparents on Topsail Island, goes on a magical but somewhat frightening voyage with crotchety old Captain Dan. The dialogue between the two is lively, whimsical and sometimes downright comical. Alston takes us on a lively journey through the imagination of a child and when we return to port, an unexpected surprise awaits us at the dock. The book is considered juvenile fiction but adults will enjoy it as well. It is a good book for parents and children to share. Timberlake resident, Toni Garrett, illustrated the book and her etchings provide the perfect compliment to Alston's text.. Her rendering of Captain Dan's wooden leg is worth the price of the book." 


From the Wilmington Star


"In it, young Alex catches a ride with a mysterious old fisherman and sails to the island where boneless chickens are raised."



From the Caswell Messenger by Shannon Haire


"The Last Voyage of the Dan-D by E. B. Alston is a wonderful addition to the Gunn Memorial Library. Children will enjoy reading about Alex's adventure with Captain Dan." Ages 9 and up.


Comments that really count:

Dear Mr. Alston,

My favorite part of your book was when Captain Dan said his full name.




Dear Mr. Alston,

I really liked your book. My favorite part is the end because it sounded like a mystery.

Your Friend


(Patrick and Tyler are second grade students at Blythe Elementary School in Huntersville, NC. Their class studied "The Last Voyage of the Dan-D".