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The Midlife Crisis of Paul Revere


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Another romantic tale By Ian Fletcher

A hilarious romantic comedy about a man's mid-life crisis

ISBN 0-9747735-6-5

Paperback-208 pages $10.99


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 Paul Revere has achieved an enviable situation in life. He is doing well in his job. His children are grown and gainfully employed. He works, hunts, fishes and occasionally he and his wife, Gwen make love.

                Life is good until Gwen develops a severe case of “Empty Nest Syndrome.” All of a sudden she is dissatisfied with everything in her life, including her husband who doesn’t “get it.” Before he knows it they are separated and Paul’s life is badly out of joint.

                When he moves out of their home, a lovely co-worker named Jennifer finds out he is available. She invites him to a home cooked meal where he discovers that life as a middle-aged single man is not so bad after all. Then Molly, a divorcee who attends his church, professes a long standing crush on him. And, Nancy the realtor who finds him a place to live also expresses a need for his romantic attentions. Also Caroline, his tall, blonde and elegant former back-yard neighbor develops a keen interest in him. All of a sudden Paul has a full schedule.

                As time passes, things change and Paul’s enjoyment of his rakish existence begins to pale. Then he meets Sarah and his life is forever changed.

                This is a story of romance and sex told with great wit, sophistication and subtle humor.


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Editor's note: The first love scene involving Paul and Caroline may be the finest, most realistic, love scene ever written.








"Paul Revere – no not 'that' Paul Revere – has been married for 25 years.  He is gainfully employed in work he enjoys.  His three grown children are self -supporting.  He hunts, fishes, maintains two vehicles, cares for his dogs, and performs all routine maintenance work on his home.  Life is good to Paul and he assumes his wife, Gwen, feels the same.  Gwen does not feel life is good.  She is unhappy and she is sure it is Paul’s fault.  She berates him unmercifully.  Her carping escalates until Paul finally has his fill, draws up separation papers and moves away from Gwen. 

Paul has been a faithful man for his entire married life. Before he even has a chance to think about alternate female companionship, four different women let him know they are available and willing; some of them on the same day.  So begins the extraordinary tale of the sexual prowess of one man as he moves away from one life and enters another.

The vast majority of romance novels are written from the woman’s point of view.  It is extremely refreshing to find a story written from a man’s perspective.  The really unique angle in this adventure is that the actual trauma is endured by someone other than the main character.  Paul becomes a victim of circumstances and proceeds to move forward with his life quite capably.  The author threw in another fun twist by having women, several of them, running after one man, instead of the other way around.

The subtle Clark Kent-Superman personality of Paul Revere makes for an entertaining read.  His day time manner and lifestyle as an engineer is completely opposite from the life he leads after dark.  Equally amusing was the effort and ingenuity he expended keeping different women from appearing on his doorstop at the same time.

We get easily get caught up in Paul Revere’s life.  His escapades are told with a gentle humor that keeps the reader eagerly turning pages from start to finish.  This was a fun read and a pleasant way to spend an evening.


Judy Jacobs

St. Joseph  MO.

October 14, 2005

This Book is available in the United Kingdom through Bertram Books