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  From Opal to Her Children




Paperback: ISBN 978-1-934936-76-4

 80 Pages

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Opal Snyder's outspoken and eclectic writing career includes journalism, poetry, plays, essays, and fiction. While a homemaker in Newton, Iowa, Opal published, for about 30 years, the Jasper County Free Press, a newsletter covering local government. The newsletter was registered in the Iowa Secretary of State's office and was underwritten by donation only. Published in Challenges on the Home Front: World War II. Opal's work has also appeared in Lest the Colors Fade and A Beautiful Life and Other Stories

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A Small Sample





Jeff Martin was just leaving for his first class at Ohio State’s College of Engineering when his phone rang. He paused on the porch, decided it might be important, and went back to answer the call. It was Brad Baker, a long time friend from undergraduate school at Ohio State.

“Hi, Jeff, gotcha a great deal. You know my mom’s house out on Windsor Circle. Well, she gave it to me for my 21st birthday, but I’m leaving for Argentina next week and I got to get me a renter.”

“Great Brad, old friend, but how am I going to pay rent on a house on Windsor Circle?”

“You can dig up 300 a month. Don’t worry, I gotcha a roomie. A girl roomie. She’ll probably keep up the kitchen, at least the top layer, and there are two bedrooms, each with a bathroom, a guest room, too. So you can hang out in the family room and drink coffee in the kitchen before you have to take off in the mornings. I’m keeping the same maintenance service Mom had. They mow and shovel and all that stuff. You and Cathy just got to keep the place presentable. She’s comin’ over to your place about seven tonight. Okay?”

“Hey, I can’t just leave my apartment overnight, man. I gotta give at least 30 days notice.”