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        The Perfect Setup                                    

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By E. B. Alston


ISBN 978-1-938527-15-9


Paperback-62 pages- $5.00


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  Alan Parker was a young design manager for a small tool and die company. He happened to be single and had no immediate prospects for a permanent relationship. One day, the president of his company asked to see him. The president wanted his help with a ticklish personal problem. His beautiful 22-year-old girlfriend was pregnant and, like the days of old, he needed to marry her off. Alan would share a house with his boss’s mistress on a golf course within walking distance of the home where he lived with his wife. Allan accepted the offer of a nice, free home and a 50% raise to become a modern “paper husband” to a beautiful woman. It isn’t long before this happy arrangement begins to unravel one thread at the time.




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