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        My Pet Rocky Renee                                 

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By Laura A. Alston


Illustrated by Denise Gill


ISBN 978-1-934936-54-2


Children's Color Paperback-34 pages- $15.00


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A delightful children's story by our magazine's resident poet.




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Reviewed by Kathy Farley


My Pet Rocky Renee is a delightful childrenís book, perfect for reading aloud to groups of children. Each of the characters in this story is easily identifiable to a broad age group. The illustrations are especially appealing and the story reads along smoothly, holding the readersí and young listenersí attention.

Any child who has had a pet dear to their hearts will identify with the main character and the story line. It is a loving tribute to the authorís pet, which will touch the hearts of all readers. The actual photographs of Rocky Renee lend an air of endearment to which children will easily respond and appreciate.