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      Still Hopping, Still Hoping

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By Rita Berman


ISBN 978-1-934936-90-0

Paperback-184 pages-$15.00



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When Carla Shuford was dealt a major blow when she lost her left leg at the age of fifteen, she didn’t say “pity me”, or “I can’t do it”.  Instead, she carried on with determination and the love and support of her parents, hard-working farmers who lived in the mountains of North Carolina. Carla’s stories and poems, and the various materials included here will tell you of her life, her interests, and her passions.

"Still Hopping, Still Hoping is a delight.  I did not know Carla was so distinguished.  Rita Berman has done a superb job with this biography."

Larry Cramer, Chapel Hill, NC


"I have just finished Carla's bio.  What a memorable, enlightening book! Many stories by Carla and her poetry. Carla has always been a shining star, but now that star is brighter than ever.  You will all love it!"

Suellen Kaltenhacher, Hannah More Academy, Class of 1960, to her fellow classmates.

"Rita Berman captures Carla perfectly: in her stories, her ever ready, and sometimes wicked wit, her travels and travails, her origins and the difference they've made in what and who she cares for and about, and living fully with a disability that would have leveled the most stalwart.  Berman's biography, like Carla, evokes laughter, tears, amazement and a fuller heart."

Lynn Knauff, NC.


 "The book is interesting, inspiring, educational on several levels, and above all brings admiration to Carla for her character and personality, spirit and compassion for others, and a productive life of work, service, adventure, and accomplishments." 

Don Holloway, Chapel Hill, NC


 "National treasures, of which Carla is one, need to be marvelously described.  Rita Berman has done that."

Nancy Ringgold, Hannah More Academy, Class of 1960.


"After a long morning at the Carrboro Farmers' Market, I came home Saturday afternoon and read this book in one sitting, cover to cover. It is a true page-turner."

 Farmer Michael Brinkley.


 "In these beautiful and touching stories from her life, Carla lays out some essential elements of long-term survival - wit, grace, steel and a healthy dose of enduring love and support from family, friends and health professionals.  Rita Berman has done a masterful job of writing them in such a way as to capture Carla's indomitable spirit."

Sheila Judge Santacroce, Associate Professor and Co-Director, T32 Managing Chronic Illness, School of Nursing/408 Carrington.








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