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Tattoo Granny                    
Notice: Tattoo Granny has been temporarily withdrawn. Please wait for the third edition.

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By Janice Walters Rawlins

Seventeen-year-old Jessie Sorrell loved his Granny more than any kid could imagine. Granny Sublet was a retired nurse. She was married over fifty years to her long-time sweetheart, Herb Sublet, who passed away from cancer several years earlier. They both loved their grandson Jessie, who was grandma’s boy. Then Granny died suddenly, and in his grief, Jessie got a tattoo of his granny on his arm. Somehow, that tattoo brought his granny back into his life and his life would never be the same!


ISBN 978-1-934936-83-2


Paperback-320 pages- $25.00


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